Radka Erlerová
Jiráskova 122
Turnov 51101
Tel1: 605 212 834
Tel2: 603 267 756
Tel3: 481 322 210

Turnov Accommodation - luxury accommodation

Are you going to the Bohemia paradise on a trip or a vacation? Are you looking for a hotel? Take advantage of our preferred offer luxury accommodation Turnov. The uniqueness of the Bohemian Paradise has been written many. So you know that you will be here waiting for a beautiful time together. Turnov garnet jewels and ground precious stones have found their way around the world. Find you way to Turnov. We can help you with accommodation.

Apartments Adam Turnov

Adam Turnov Apartments offer you extra accomodation in Turnov. Forget the classic hotels. Our accommodation in Turnov offers you much more.

  • Spacious apartments in a newly reconstructed houses
  • Accommodation in the city center Turnov
  • Kitchen
  • The spacious bathroom
  • A covered terrace, lava grill

Enjoy accommodation in Turnov in the highest comfort and luxury.

Accommodation for companies in Turnov

Dealermeeting you planning? Or about corporate party? You have entered into a great business or just want to celebrate New Year together? Looking for luxury corporate housing in the Czech Paradise? Replace the standard for hotels apartments Turnov .Surprise your colleagues and customers. We offer convenient accommodation and long-term off-season. Invite your business clients to the pleasant surroundings of the Bohemian countryside will address ráje.Zdejší majestic castles, forests and sandstone rock towns.

Bohemia Paradise Accommodation

Czech Paradise is a romantic place where diversity combining natural beauty with a rich historical heritage. Czech Paradise is the oldest protected landscape areas in the Czech Republic and the magic is just a confirmation of the landscape and its diversity. Castles, chateaux and folk architecture, forests, rock city, it's all here for you. The igneous rocks of the Bohemian Paradise is also a site of agate, amethyst, jasper, chalcedony and other precious stones. Adam Apartments offer you a beautiful holiday in Turnovo with exceptional accommodation.