Radka Erlerová
Jiráskova 122
Turnov 51101
Tel1: 605 212 834
Tel2: 603 267 756
Tel3: 481 322 210

Situation – Bohemian paradise

You will find our apartments in Turnov. It is often called as a heart of Bohemian paradise and it has a purpose. It is very close to the most interesting places of Bohemian paradise. Valdštejn castle, Hrubá Skála, Sychrov, Trosky, Hruboskalsko ( a rock complex ), Kopicův statek, Maloskalsko ( Pantheon, a rock labyrinth Besedice ),... You will have to spend more time than a week to see all interests of this area. A beautiful countyside wil lead you through Bohemian paradise.

Our apartments are situated just 100m from the square in Turnov, so you can choose a different local restaurant every evening. You can also visit a famous museum of Bohemian paradise and the churches are also worth to see. You can go by bike as well as on foot.
Do not hesitate and let´s explore beauty of Bohemian paradise..